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Sverrir Friðþjófsson

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

My name is Sverrir, I am 26 years old and I ‘m born and raised in Iceland. I’m a doctor and a freelance photographer and I specialize in nature and landscape photography. In October 2017, my girlfriend and I started an Instagram-account called icelandic_travelers, which is dedicated to our travels, mainly in Iceland.

What was the reason for starting such an account?

Travelling together has kind of always been a mutual hobby of us, I have always loved photography and Tanja loves discovering new places. It’s just so wonderful to have someone beside you to experience all the incredible moments we create while we travel. Our main goal is to capture and share the feeling we get when exploring breathtaking locations wherever we go.

Why do you travel your own country so much?

We feel really fortunate to live in such a unique country where we are always in a short distance from breathtaking locations. We’ve got waterfalls, volcanos, sand beaches, northern lights, glaciers and much more. It’s definitely a photographer’s playground..

How different is your life as an Icelandic Traveller from your life as a doctor?

Ever since I was a kid I’ve always wanted to become a doctor. I’ve always wanted to make my mark on life and help people. Being a doctor has always been my passion and only for the past three years traveling and photography has started to make its mark on me. As of now traveling and photography have had the advantage, since I recently finished 6 extremely tough years of med school. I guess it had worn me out for a while. It also gives me time to relax and enjoy nature at its finest!

What is the best trait that Iceland has to offer in your opinion and are there locations that still on your photographers bucket-list?

The vast landscapes it has to offer. Iceland has over 1000 waterfalls, black sand beaches, hot springs, mountains, horses, puffins & northern lights. It is impossible to name just one! There are a few places on our bucket-list still, Australia is very high on my list, Banff national park in Canada, Dolomites in Italy, Andes mountains in South America & Fitz Roy in Patagonia.

Are your travels going to be as adventurous, now that you’re expecting a little Icelandic Traveller?

Haha not for a while. Our little Emil Ingimar was born 27th of July, after only 30 weeks, or rather 10 weeks before his due date. So we haven’t been traveling as much for the past months. We had been staying at the hospital with him for 7 weeks while he grew stronger and now we are at home waiting anxiously until he can come with us on road trips in Iceland.

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