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Looping Good! Can you tell us a bit about yourselves?

We are Looping Good! In 2015 I (Tim) started all of this with inspiration from things we DO like in life. This beautiful Thai way of preparing ice cream was our ticket out of working in construction. The energy of kite-surfing and music with an overdose of positive vibes and the flyest dessert ever. I’ve collected a group of passionate people who are the centre of all this. From our icebooths (icebar meets DJ-booth) we freeze the luquid ice cream mix into our Smash ‘n Roll ice cream! We flair fruit, chocolate and even Oreo cookies into eatable art.

How did Looping Good come to be?

The moment we started rolling ice cream we were happy with every gig we got. The crazy thing was that my business-partner and I were already getting into the big music- and food festivals with our Smash ‘n Roll ice cream. We did not make a lot of money off of it, but we had a blast. Everything we earned, we put into the company.

Looping Good is way more than "just ice cream", right?

Our philosophy has been as fluid as our ice cream mix for a couple of years. Simply because we didn’t know what we started. Especially the creative and artistic people that surround Looping Good are a big part of our strength. You should be able to feel our untamable passion for entertaining people in your veins. The funny thing is that everyone came upon our path in an organic way, while everybody else would ask: WHERE DO YOU FIND THESE PEOPLE!?

What are your dreams for Looping Good in the future?

We want to fill our future with more music experience and inspiration. During the whole Covid-19 period The Big Blend was born. People we’ve met over the years, who are musical geniuses, come together once a week for a mad jam session. The idea is to build an act and to perform at events where we are active as Looping Good as well. The Big Blend is not just something to listen to, but it is an experience with music that surprises you. Actors, percussionists, guitarists and even theatrical manifestos take you into the unknown. Furthermore, we just moved into an old auto garage, with an immense amount of space where we are able to store our goods, rehearse, create and take care of people who have trouble getting a job. We are getting some help to build this project, so we can provide a future with a dynamic platform, even for people who aren’t in their best shape.


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