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Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m Floris, people call me Flo. I have my own skincare salon to ‘make men aware of skincare’. I started my career as a concept developer at a creative agency, but I always knew I wanted to start my own business. My girlfriend has been working in the skincare industry for over 12 years and I helped her set up her own business about 4 years ago. Which means I’ve been part-time active in the skincare industry for about 3-4 years myself.

Salon D’Homme, can you explain the concept and your role?

While I was helping my girlfriend with her business in the past 4 years, we noticed that hardly any men visited her salon so I came up with the idea to change that forever. I learned all the skills to become a male skincare specialist and decided to open a male-friendly skincare salon: Salon d’Homme. A place where men feel comfortable to come in for skincare advice regarding the use of products and a routine but also for their monthly facial treatments. The Men’s Facial is the perfect monthly maintenance, the Men’s Peeling is slightly more intensive. The Men’s Microneedling treatment - which will be launched in November 2021 - will effectively improve skin condition, especially pigmentation and (acne) scars.

Why is skincare for men just as important as for women?

Simply because - like women - men also have a skin. I’ve noticed there’s a huge gap in knowledge between men and women when it comes to skincare, Salon d’Homme is here to fill that gap. Perhaps because there aren’t many places where men feel comfortable to go to and be educated about the subject, or perhaps because they’re not understood. Men and women have different characteristics when it comes to the skin, like the beard for instance. I can imagine guys feel more comfortable to open up and ask skincare questions regarding their beard or more sensitive subjects like acne to another guy, instead of a woman.

What is your ultimate Salon D’Homme dream?

I’m already living the dream! I’ve noticed there has been a huge need for something like Salon d’Homme. Guys from all over the place find me and ask me for online skincare advice. Over the past months, I’ve also created quite a stable client base in Amsterdam. I’m so happy to be able to educate guys about skincare and making sure they enjoy their monthly ’self care’ moment. In the future, I hope to be able to continue doing this on a larger scale, both online and at multiple locations! Don’t know where to start? The most important step in everyones routine is a daily moisturizer with SPF (’SPF is your BFF’). Use it every day, also on rainy days and during the winter months!


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