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Where does the name Fadelistics come from?

Fadelistics is a wordplay on fading. Trimming or shaving the sides of a man’s hair without sharp lines is called fading. The more you create that ‘smokey’ look, the better the quality of the fade. It’s very difficult, but that’s the game. In the world of hairdressers the top of the head is the creative part when it comes to cutting and styling, but in the world of the barbers fading is the art. It’s almost addictive. Fading hairlines can drive you crazy when you're a perfectionist. Luckily, I get to do this every day.”

Where did the barber-adventure begin?

I’ve started 15 years ago in construction and ended up as manager. At my last job I have worked as an Operational Coordinator on oilrigs in Abu Dhabi and the North Sea. A seriously tough and adventurous job, but I’ve always been more of a creative person and I wanted to follow my passion. Being a barber was my solution and I decided to go to the barber school. It was something I really liked doing, but what really attracted me was the freedom and creativity and being self-employed in the end.

What does being a barber mean to you?

I get excited about the fact that I get to do what I love to do. Providing all the customers with a good haircut. That is what they come for and it’s really rewarding to see how satisfied they are with the result. The lifestyle of a barber usually consists out of motorcycles, tattoos, drinking and smoking. I don’t really go along with this lifestyle, maybe because I don’t drink or smoke. But I like being a little rough around the edges.

How do you treat a beard like Bob’s?

Bob stepped into the shop one day to drink a cup of coffee with me. We took a selfie and that was it. I advised him to make the sides of his beard a little bit smoother, but Bob has his own vision. Which is fine of course. Bob’s beard is one that makes my hands itchy, because it’s such a nice beard. He has a straight-haired beard, so he has to blow dry it. I spend a lot of time on pre-treatment because you can’t just put your blade on someone’s skin like that. It’s supposed to be an experience after all. It can also be really relaxing for men.

What are your ambitions?

I have a really nice classic barbershop where I help a lot of nice people. My ambition is to expand my own shop, but at the moment I have a waiting list and this is something I don’t want. I’d also like to teach young guys fresh from the barber school, because I know how difficult it is to get started and respected. I want to teach them the fine details they need to know about the craft and coach them to get better every day. That’s what it’s all about. Every day I really appreciate the fact that I was able to make a career out of my passion. I feeling blessed.


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