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Bram, tell us a bit about yourself!

My name is Bram Kling and this is how my story begins: 27 years ago I was born in Noordwijk. Noordwijk is a place by the beach, that’s why it’s not surprising that I started surfing waves from a young age. I’ve always had the urge to explore the world, be free and go on adventures. I love being busy and I always try to give it my all, I’m a sports fanatic and I also really enjoy dining with great wines. The ideal balance for me is to be fit and enjoy good food and wines. I developed my interest in wines during my hospitality education and got a degree in wines in the end. I’ve always tried to combine my studies with trips to France, Spain, Portugal, Australia and a lot of other beautiful destinations and I discovered that a lot of countries that produce good wine are also perfect for surfing. So, two birds with one stone!

Where does your passion for wine come from?

About twenty years ago, my father started a vineyard. It became a place for me where knowledge and passion for wine comes together. My very first job was in hospitality and I discovered that I love the art of hosting. During my education I worked at a variety of great restaurants and after a while I started to discover the real fine dining experience and the meaning of a wine menu. A sommelier is someone who puts a wine list together and is specialized in all aspects of wine service as well as wine and food pairing. He is also there to explain or advise people with questions about wine. A whole new world opened for me, I wanted to learn more about it. Wine is such an amazing product, people from all over the world are enjoying it, it's made in so many places in so many different ways and everyone has a specific taste and preference. The more you learn about wine, the more you want to know.

How did your alter ego ‘The Surfing Sommelier’ come to life?

After I got my hospitality degree and my first degree in wines, I made time to go on an adventure. I bought a retro Volkswagen van, threw my surfboards on the roof and started my search for the best wines in France. I have had the privilege to work at some of the most amazing Vineyards in France. On the weekends I drove to the beach to catch some waves. This is where my passions came together, a few years after my internship I worked as a surf instructor for Surflife in Mimizan, France. Teaching how to surf by day and organize wine tastings by night! In the end, I want to share my passion about wine in my own way, as the Surfing Sommelier.

What is your dream for the future of The Surfing Sommelier?

The Vineyard of my dad, a place where passion and knowledge of wine comes together, is a very special place for me. This is the place where I started my business, it's such a unique location with so much emotional value and a lot of potential. The Surfing Sommelier On Tour is a concept I would love create in the future and I would like to host unique events at the Vineyard and other unique places. A very own The Surfing Sommelier brand of wine would be the dream, but until then I just want to see people’s eyes twinkle when I tell them about wines and bright a spark, similar to mine.


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