Every month we will interview the boldest craftsmen who are living the Pig & Hen lifestyle. Because of 'World Animal Day' we have today a special edition of...


Hi guys, my name is Benji. I’m practically the most important dog in the Pig & Hen family. Without me, no Pig & Hen, so yeah you’re welcome. I oversee all sorts of things, like when we go on walks, have fun and eat. So the essentials stuff.

I love going on walks but walking to the office is a little much. So I get chauffeured, of course, I’m the classy kind of lady dog. Sticking my head out of the window might look fun, but it’s mostly to make sure nothing goes wrong, humans don’t drive as good as you might think.

This here is my human, he carries me up and down the stairs and brings me food and all, overall a pretty nice guy. I’m way too tired to do all that stuff, seen I work the hardest around here.

My day to day to do list is endless... Just walking around the office is my first activity, people need to know I’m present and there is no room for fooling around anymore, except when they want to pet me or something, I will allow that because who wouldn’t?

This is me going over the numbers with my anti-stress ball. Statistically speaking I can do two things at the same time, like play with the ball, scratch behind my ears and bark at strange-looking dogs. I’m somewhat of a number crusher.

My typical look when I want to walk outside or play and you might want to pick up on this, or you might lose your job. If you don’t want to listen, then maybe you’re more suited to work with cats...

After lunch, I check the quality of all our bracelets and no matter how hard I chew on them, they are always stronger than steel. I actually came up with that catchphrase, but never got the credit. So now you know.

Don’t get your hopes up, I’m just checking if your order is complete, not coming with the order. You might think that this is way below my paygrade, but I can’t turn my back on these humans. Everything seems to be in order, this time… Woof you later!


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