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Ari Agnarsson

My name is Ari Agnarsson and this is my story;

I live in Iceland and I grew up here. I’m a fly-fishing guide for a living, so I take people out and show them these amazing natures. It’s very fulfilling for me to see people happy and excited.

My biggest passion is surfing rough waters of Iceland.

Coming from Iceland, you need something to get you outside, to make you move. Otherwise you stay inside and do nothing all day. When I started surfing I didn’t have enough money for the right gear, but I managed to find a used surfboard and I got my grandpa’s diving suit and wool socks. It didn’t really matter, because I had the time of life.

The weather here is always changing, you can easily have four seasons in one day.

Being out there, in this heavy wind and cold climate, makes me feel more alive than anything else. When you’re paddling into the wave you pretty much don’t see anything, because of the howling wind blowing in your eyes. So, you just drop into the wave and halfway you open your eyes and you’re just pumping to stay in there and after you rode her all the way you’re super stoked, very happy!

I could try to explain surfing for day, but I wouldn’t even come close to it, because surfing is something you have to feel.

It’s all about being happy and surfing is something that makes me happy.

Ari is wearing: Salty Steve


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