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André Nunes

First of all, why Porsche?

Porsche runs in our family's blood. My grandfather worked, raced and had a business always related to Porsche. My father was raised in the same environment, worked all his life with Porsche and founded SportClasse 25 years ago. I, of course, was raised the same way. I remember since being a little kid playing in the workshop surrounded by Porsches. I lived abroad in the UK, studied engineering and now joined the business.

Your company is built around the legacy of your rally racing grandfather, did he teach you all about Porsche?

The company SportClasse was founded by my father, Jorge. Of course, my grandfather influenced his life path, mostly the choice for the brand Porsche. I remember when I was a little kid and went to my grandparents' house, my grandfather would tell me stories about his races. All the walls in the house were covered by trophies and medals and of course, he knew where he got them from and would tell me about it. Often, he offered me some of his trophies and on special occasions the most important ones of his career. I still keep them all in my room and I feel really proud when I look to them every day. The passion and most of the technical knowledge were passed to me by my father as well. Since I was young he always taught me how to fix things and to do everything by myself. Still today, every day at the workshop I acquire more knowledge. There is so much to be learned!

How is your racing?

I recently started racing as a hobby and I can say that after the first lap I was addicted. I totally now understand why my grandfather and father love it so much. When you are on track it is only you and the car. You have to pay attention to many things at the same time. A little mistake and you are 0.1s slower. I never thought about how 1 second could be so important. I also really like all the work that is done inside the pits. You learn everything so fast as there is no time to waste.

This is a very impressive collection, how long did it take to get to this point?

Our collection was built over the years. My father bought most of the cars many years ago and has been restoring them over time. He also managed to find some of my grandfather's race cars. We have only generated his last car a 993 because he only had one car at the same time, so his race cars were his daily drives. Can you imagine racing on Sunday and then drive home and go out for dinner in the same car? That is what I like the most about Porsche. It is a car that you can use to go to work and take it to the track whenever you want. Every time you grab the steering wheel you can have fun, feel and enjoy the car.

What is your most exciting story regarding your collection?

Every car in our collection has a story because a car is a part of a person's life. It is fascinating to hear the stories of the previous owners telling where they bought the car from, the trips they did, what made them sell the car, etc.

If you had to choose one car from your collection to keep as your only car, which one would it be?

It is really hard to choose only one car as my favorite. Of course, it would be one that is part of our family history, one of my father's or grandfather's car. I love the 906 but it cannot be driven on a daily basis, only on the track. If it was, trust me, I would drive it on the roads! The 911 2.4S Rally from my grandfather it is a really special car for me. The feeling of being sat on the same seat my grandfather raced and more recently my father, it is incredible. Any day, hot or cold, rainy or sunny, I love to pick it up and just drive. The connection I feel is hard to put in words. I cannot wait to restore the Porsche 911 SWB, the car that he has won most races, and drive it.

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